Bonaldo Advertising Campaign 2016

The main star is the AX table, the company Bonaldo. Behind, visible from the top floor of the Pirelli Tower, the Milanese skyline. Milan, which sees an iconic building made of glass and concrete as one of its most prestigious and well-known symbols. This is the picture devised for Bonaldo’s new advertising campaign set to be launched in Italy and also abroad. The other stars of the campaign will be the Big Table and Amond tables. The new advertising campaign will not only be implemented on printed paper, but the multifarious concept mixing architecture, design and fashion that emerges from the new campaign pictures will also be conveyed using other tools, thanks to an editorial plan that will involve social platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The purpose is to bring out the trendiness, the immediacy, the consistency of a leading Italian design brand and the pursuit of new themes, of unprecedented concepts, of products that are still able to astound.

Products which, owing to their characteristics, “live up” to the most Demanding expectations. Italian products, “beautiful” products, products that are… Made in Bonaldo.


AX - design Gino Carollo. »
Amond - design Gino Carollo. »
Big Table - design Alain Gilles. »


Milan, Pirelli Tower.

An architectural beauty that, with its 127-meter height, is one of the tallest reinforced concrete skyscrapers in the world, At the inauguration in 1960, it symbolized the start of the era of Italian industry and which today continues to be expression of the great dynamism of Milan.



Lamina - design Mauro Lipparini. »
Filly Up - Bartoli Design. »
Flute - design Mauro Lipparini. »
Ketch - Bartoli Design. »



Milan, Pirelli Tower,
May 2016
PHOTO. Tiziano Sartorio
STYLING. Alessandro Pasinelli
AD. romanoassociati