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Kriss is a collection consisting of the romantic modern luxury design bed and coordinated accessories, a concept that focuses on the contrast and perfect harmony of fascinating materials: the elegant softness of fabric combined with the traditional solidity of wood. The modern wooden design bed’s structure becomes a visible and characterizing element, while the cushions that make up the headrest provide extra comfort. The result of a continuous aesthetic evolution, the sophisticated combinations of fabric and wood suggest the will to create elegant shapes and solutions, enhancing the qualities of both materials and giving a warm, welcoming and exclusive look. In addition to the double bed, a bench is also available in the Kriss collection.

Data sheet

Width: 186-192-212-226cm
Depth: 230-235cm
Height: 100cm
Kriss bench
Kriss bench
Width: 143cm
Depth: 44cm
Height: 41cm


    • 330
    • 332
    • 341
    • 340
    • 343
    • 344
    • 346
    • 353
    • 354
    • 356
    • 358
    • 359
    • 368
    • 369
    • 370
    • 371
    • 372
    • 373

Materials, fabrics, leathers, colors and finishes are approximate and may slightly differ from actual ones. You can find the complete collection of Bonaldo fabrics and leathers on the website https://www.bonaldo.biz/


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