Each Bonaldo project comes to life with the intention of producing a design capable of giving continuity to the language of an environment, creating a striking space in which to interpret the style of those who live there. Bonaldo's creations tell a unique story that brings together a wide range of furnishing accessories in the same vision.
Milan, Italy
Kefalonia, Greece
Turin, Italy
Meise, Belgium
Florence, Italy
Turin, Italy
Milan, Italy
Antwerp, Belgium
Hyderabad, India
Montreal, Canada
Moscow, Russia
Shanghai, Cina
Tsingtao, Cina
Toruń, Poland
Moscow, Russia
Athens, Greece
Milano, Italia
London, UK
Big Table
Honolulu, Hawaii
Cop, Tip Toe - Dentro Casa - dicembre 2018 - Photo - Alessandra Dosselli (17)
Bergamo, Italy
Bonaldo Arno sofa Caribbean Cinemas San Patricio
Guaynabo, Porto Rico
Brno, Czech Republic
Panorama, Ketch (1)
Avellino, Italy
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